With the knowledge in biochemistry and molecular biology, I have worked in bioindustry for 24 years. This period coincides with that a new industry applying biotechnology has taken off in Japan. I have developed a wide range of business experiences by bridging between Japan and overseas. Especially, I am honored that I have had an opportunity to lead the processes to introduce new analytical instruments using surface plasmon resonance and to generate a new market in Japan at Biacore K.K.
 I have come to a decision to start a company. I believe a “techno-coordinator”, who understands both science and business, is essential in the success of the science-based business such as bioindustry.
 I named the company “Bio-Business Bridge” with a mission to be a bridge between science and business, bridging Japan and foreign countries and a bridge between different disciplines. It would be my great pleasure if I could contribute to the development of bioindustry in Japan through the activities of Bio-Business Bridge Co. Ltd.

Setsuko Hashimoto, Ph.D,
Bio-Business Bridge Co. Ltd.
2008 Enrolled in MOT master course, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.
1986 Received the degree of Doctor of Science in molecular biology from Heidelberg University, Federal Republic of Germany.
1979 Received the degree of Master of Science in biochemistry from Faculty of Science, Kyushu University.
* Pharma Research Laboratories, Hoechst Japan Ltd.
* Pharmacia Biosystems K.K.
* Biacore K.K.